Top 10 best thriller movies 2020- explained

Introduction to best thriller movies 2020: list of 2020 top thriller films

Thriller movies are perhaps exciting but need intense attention at all times. When asked about the favourite movie genre, the answer to thriller is not rare. 90 people out of 100 are a fan of thriller movies.

But what thriller is? The best definition of this can be delivered not by any terms of definition but a look to some of the best thriller movies of 2020 that undoubtedly will leave its outrage for a long time.

The movies mentioned below are suggested to all the movie crazies that are held concerning minimum possible fears.

  • The Bay of Silence

The Bay Of Silence, with a 4.3 IMDb rating is a 1h 33m thriller movie with Paula van der Oest as the director while Alain De Levita, Cheyanne Kane, Jason Newmark, and Caroline Goodall are the producers.

Released on August 14 in the US and September 28 in the UK, The Bay Of Silence hit $1,941 at the box office alone.

The film features some of the international artists that may be one of your favourites. And having a favourite in any movie brings in more possibilities of liking the movie.

The declaration of ‘The Bay of Silence’ comes from the Ligurian Coast situated in Italy, the entire story is relied upon by a man willing to track conclusions from his wife’s history.

Other than that, the film is a great endeavour to accumulate entertainment irrespective of you not being in favour of the line of thrillers.

  • Shirley

‘Shirey’ or better gothic tales of Shirley Jackson and his haunted existence is a fictional portrayal of a real person.

Odessa Young, an actress from Australia, and Logan Lerman from America are the leading actors with the roles of Rose and Fred respectively. The storyline begins after Rose turns pregnant to Fred, after which she backs out of her college. The duo upon marriage decides to start fresh staying in Vermont.

Fred works in a University with Jackson and for half the time stays adequate with students flirting. Throughout the play, we see the fiction and reality being mixed and blended smoothly.

The other story shows that Rose and Fred’s relationship starts to fade and she’s now attracted to Jackson.

Another widely encountered character is that of Elizabeth Moss’. She’s a straightforward poky woman often crippling an eye to the lead couple.

  • Greenland

‘Greenland’, has surfaced as one of the top thriller movies ever produced. This movie features the very popular Gerard Butler as  John Garrity, king Bach as Colin, and Morena Baccarin as Allison Garrity among others.

This thriller movie is perfect for Anyone interested in disaster-related movies, the storyline of which is a space comet on its way to earth. Loose claims of the comet getting past the earth are turned down as an error with comet fragments reaching the ground. Perhaps, delivering the sign of the start of an apocalypse.

The first comet fragment reached the surface of Central Florida. With the hot seat of the movie already, it comes to a discussion of how Central Florida has attained its part in a Hollywood movie. Since movie freaks believe Central Florida is not much of a favourite for Hollywood.

  • The Old Guard

Released on July 10, 2020, The Old Guard has made itself as one of the best thriller movies on Netflix.

The movie with its fictional universe has Charlize Theron as Andy who plays the part of the eldest one in the elite band while Booker is the youngest until the arrival of Nile.

Initially, the team consists of Four members that are later added to five with KiKi Layne as the Nile in action.

The best visuals begin right after the flash-forward starts taking them to the time when shot by a bullet. Immortal bodies filled with bullets are soon taken away and healed.

The Old Guard indeed is not targeted with huge fans as that of avengers, although both are somewhat similar. The precise attention that this movie deserves is still lacking. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the top Netflix movies in 2020.

  • The Hunt

‘The hunt’, having its release on March 11, 2020, considers the skit from fears for devils at the Blumhouse. Blumhouse directly or indirectly represents the ancient style of war spots.

The Hunt’ is better hunted for the meme references rather than movie references. With the surfacing of the movie, the simultaneous surfacing of opinions was bragged, the howls of which bounced in every ear and feed.

At the very beginning, the screen allowance is that of a luxurious jet where the wealthy people were being feted while random more impoverished people belonging to various countries are either drugged or resided in the back section of the jet.

The following scene is that of the abducted victims who wake up to being gagged and faced towards the mysterious box.

The movie is one of the top thriller movies made with the budget $14 million, directed by Craig Zobel hit the box office collection with an overall $15.2 million.

  • Vivarium

 The term ‘thrill’ is best shown in this movie whose storyline is based on a young couple, Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots, who is forced to birth a baby who’s likely to be a creepy pod.

The whole of which is stated as a marriage with aggressive parenting.

In the later part, the young couple is left in a so-called blundered society, Yonder. The next intense moment comes in when the screen turns to a very unusual scene, i.e., every Yonder’s house painted green, skies having the pinch of a matte finish, and backyards being mowed.

Although in personal opinion, it is one of the best movies ever, ‘Vivarium’, for many, isn’t a movie liable to watch as it doesn’t blend well about the vibes of the 21st century and that the average visuals depict claustrophobia.

  • Antlers

Antlers, the movie released on April 17, 2020, is based on ‘The Quiet Boy’ from Nick Antosca’s story and produced by Guillermo del Toro.

Being a horror yet one of those that you can call good thriller movies, the movie goes by in the small town of Oregon in which a monster sets down.

Keri Russell, who’s playing a part of the teacher, notices the monster that evolves in one of her students. Keri, along with her brother Jesse goes on to discover a solution to seize the monstrous occupation. Jesse Plemons is the local sheriff in Oregon town.

One doesn’t need to watch the movie to conclude the fact that the entire movie is intensifying. The very short trailer has it all to say. It might be your perfect movie match if you are more into those horror tales.

  • Swallow

‘Swallow’, directed by Carlo Mirabella- Davis shows us the scary wrongs done to a housewife.

Haley Bennett or the Hunter who was brought up in a problematic home, is getting married to a super-wealthy family. She is so pure and decides to stay in her husband’s house located in the middle of a dark forest.

Swallow’, having itself categorized under the top list of 2020 thriller films starts off the intensifying states soon after the Hunter is found with the habitual acts of consuming anything that is not with the purpose of it. This habit is kept as a secret but soon gets revealed.

The swallowing of inanimates continues to grow higher with a simultaneous increase in her power. But a hunter’s power nevertheless remains negligible in a wealthy family and perhaps gets further shrunken after she gets pregnant.

  • The Woman in the Window

About being a psychological thrillers fan, ‘The Woman in the Window’ is a suggestion that shall be your next favourite. The movie, directed by Joe Wright has Any Adams as Anna Fox in the lead. Anna, a child psychologist, lives all by herself in a suburb in New York. 

Anna fears to stay away from her abode, due to which she suffered the loss of her husband and a daughter calling it a consequence. One thing Anna loves is fantasizing about her neighbours, claiming it to be her ticket of joy. Her interest spies up when her new neighbour, Russell, and family sparks with a severe dispute accompanied by violence. Other than that, she’s mostly enjoying the vibes either alone or people from the internet.

The storyline has a clear vision of the movie accounting as one of the best psychological thrillers that are worth watching.

  • The Grudge

‘The Grudge’ 2020 is pretty complicated to grasp.

It’s a better version of ‘Not Promising’, a 2002 Japanese movie with a little more fearful prospects making it somewhat good entertainment to movie freaks connecting to murder mystery movies.

A good screen of the movie comes in with Reyburn Resident twist where Frankie Faison is willing to pitifully kill his wife aged around 50, the choice that embarks with the wife’s growing mental illness. For the Euthanizing practice, Reyburn Residents are chosen due to the idea of death and life within it.

Directed by Nicolas Pesce and three producers, Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Taka Ichise, this 94 min long and one of the best thriller movies was made on a budget of nearly $14 million and revered back with box office hits of $49.5 million.

The conclusion to top thriller movies 2020: list of 2020 top thriller films

Thriller movies are made with a motif to thrill and make the boringness level negligible throughout. Same as comedy and emotional movie with the behind back bringing smiles and boosting emotions respectively. Thriller movies are, however, a lot harder to prospect with definitions. Above are a few of the mainstream thriller movies 2020 that are worth a watch!

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